Mission Cognition, LLC

Social Skills Development Centers

Our Story


In 2013, the first Mission Cognition opened in a 500 sf office to provide social skills instruction to learners with special educational needs. At that time, the business was a one-woman show. Word quickly spread about a highly individualized, comprehensive, goal driven research based social skills program! As a result, we quickly outgrew our space and a team of passionate, committed and knowledgeable professionals was formed to meet the growing demands of the community.

.... and Now!

Mission Cognition's "home base" is in a 3,000 sf Social Skills Development Center in Hillsborough, NJ with satellite locations in Metuchen and Oceanport. Mission Cognition has grown into an internationally recognized and well respected social skills program known for utilizing evidence-based practices. The Mission Cognition team has served hundreds of families and to date has provided consultation to providers in 4 countries and across more than 16 states!

Why Us?‚Äč

Social Skills are complex and we have built our entire business around learning the most effective way to teach them. Teaching social skills is not just something we do, it's the ONLY thing we do. We read the research, we know what works and we apply those strategies & interventions in the most natural setting, in order to program for generalization from day one. Our passionate and experienced team is committed to providing the highest quality service to your family. We take a tremendous amount of pride in all of our student's growth!

Ashley Rose